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Brolis HerdLine

In-line milk analyzer

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BROLIS HerdLine is an innovative in-line milk analyzer developed by the high-tech company Brolis Sensor Technology. It is based on a next-generation infrared laser sensor, which enables exceptional accuracy in real-time measurements. BROLIS HerdLine is compatible with a wide range of milking parlours and can operate with both new and old milking systems.

The data provided at the individual animal level is used for the early detection of diseases, thereby helping to reduce veterinary costs and prevent a decrease in milk production. By providing both milk quantity and composition data, BROLIS HerdLine enhances the efficient selection and reproduction of dairy cattle. Applying data-based insights in dairy farm operations facilitates work planning, decision-making, and economic evaluation. Furthermore, improved cow performance and fewer health disorders can benefit the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The summarized information about the health and productivity of the dairy herd can be viewed using the BROLIS HerdLine software on a computer screen, tablet, or smartphone.

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